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My Top 10 Sites of 2009

Christmas is just another sleep or two away which means that a new year is just around the corner. The end of one year and the beginning of another seems a good time for some sort of reflection. There’s a lot to think about at this time of year and I’m busy planning a few posts of that nature which should make their way onto this over the coming days.

The first, though, is my roundup of my personal Top 10 Sites of 2009. Not necessarily my favourite sites, but, according to my History, my most visited sites over the past 12 months.

Here goes:

  1. Twitter
  2. Google
  3. Yahoo
  4. BudURL
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Facebook
  7. WordPress
  8. Amazon
  9. eConsultancy
  10. JobCentre

Well, I think we can all see some trends there…

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Web Usability: What Not To Do

Here’s a quick run down of my personal bug bears when it comes to website usability and my internet enjoyment.

This list is generally focussed around eCommerce and transactional websites but could also apply to most customer facing sites. It’s by no means exhaustive, but is a cathartic exercise in helping me vent my grumpy old spleen.

Enjoy and feel free to add your own gripes via the comments below.

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