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Too Old for Live, Local Music?!

I was at the well-loved, well-respected live music venue, The Cluny t’other day for a regular dose of local, live music.

However, I noticed a few ten things which I fear may deem me ‘too old to go to gigs’ (at the ripe old age of 23):

  1. I didn’t recognise any of the music played between bands
  2. The music (see above) was too loud – I could barely hear myself talk never mind anyone else!
  3. I didn’t seem to be wearing the new breed of gig-goers’ uniform which seems to have developed (crotch-restrictively-tight jeans & pointy shoes)
  4. I felt very under-dressed – since when did people get ‘dressed up’ to go and see a band?!
  5. I only came out with enough cash to get a rabbit drunk
  6. The enjoyment of one band’s performances was marred by the vision of some middle-aged woman’s arse hanging out of her jeans that I could see out of the corner of my eye
  7. I couldn’t understand what the singer was saying when he wasn’t singing
  8. It was far too hot
  9. That damn Too Far North stamp is as stubborn as a really stubborn mule!
  10. I felt old enough to be some of the punters’ father

So, there you have it. I love music. I love live music. I love having a beer and watching a local band.

But I can’t stand all the things that go along with that, like people, and expensive beer, and loud/shit music!

Yep, I really am a grumpy old sod.




I’m a regular reader of Econsultancy’s blog, and it was when browsing said blog that I stumbled across an article on the intriguingly named, ‘Pearltrees’.

I hopped, skipped, and jumped on over to Pearltrees and was filled with a mixture of feelings: amazement, bewildered, baffled, intrigued, and questionful(?).

According to the folks behind it, Pearltrees “let’s you organize the web your way” by ‘pearling’ your favourite sites and organising them in such a way that it creates your very own world wide web, which can be viewed, connected, and pearled by other users.

I’ve only been signed up a couple of weeks but I think I’m hooked already.

You may argue that it’s just another social bookmarking service like Delicious, Stumbleupon, or Digg, but it’s the aesthetics, the care and attention you have to put in of organising your own web that appeals to me and the many other Peartrees users.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts.


New Year, New Theme, New Post

Good morning one and all, from a cold and frosty Newcastle Upon Tyne.

It appears I haven’t added a post to this, my fledgling blog, in quite some time; since last year, in fact.

Well, it’s a new year, it’s the second month of that new year, so I thought I better pull the proverbial finger out.

I’ve started by updating the appearance of said blog: I’ve opted for the new Monochrome theme – I like it a lot. Hopefully I’ll settle on this theme instead of flitting about every couple of weeks in search of the perfect one. And spend my time more productively, maybe even blogging!

A lot happened last year, as you may be aware of if you’ve read my Year In Review post. This year hasn’t started particularly brilliantly either, with yet another family drama. I’ll not go into this one, though.

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